Areas of Focus.

On premise network infrastructure.

Designing, deploying, and maintaining network and systems infrastructures on premise, and managing Microsoft infrastructures for head quarters and branch offices, for all kinds of businesses and environments. Either building from scratch or updating infrastructures from the physical layer, all the way up to the application layer. Providing hardware equipment and software licensing from the online store and some basic web services and VPS at

Security always has to be part of the solution, up to advanced IT security, 24/7 monitoring systems and network performance, backups and all cyber threats, assuring operations continuity. As well as digital security such as video surveillance, access control and alarm systems with 24/7 security monitoring central.

Cloud services and security in the cloud.

When the benefits of using the cloud wins over, cloud design, deployment, migrations and managing the well established cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365/Azure, Google Workspace/Cloud, Amazon web services, and other cloud solutions. In the past years, I've acquired and developed with old and new partners, a range of truly game changing business tools. The business phone product; Elevate UC solution with Cloud PBX and IP Phones, all-in-one Unified Communication, Video conferencing, File sharing & team collaboration. Cloud Advanced Security, Backups, Business continuity, Antivirus, Antispam, Anti-phishing.

and more...


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